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I was doing a bit of painting yesterday in our barn (you know you’re a redneck when…) and the weather was doing some craaazy things.  There was a rain storm going on and the thunder was so loud I thought that the lightning was going to strike only a couple of feet from where I was standing. So I immediately got my metal rod and started running around outside. Jk. And then it started to hail!  So cool!  Of course it was only cool because I was safe and protected with a great view of all the weather madness and not stuck driving in it. If I was actually stuck in that madness I would have been cursing the devil.

Ever since I made graham crackers I’ve been dreaming about making chocolate graham crackers.  I am of the belief that practically everything can be made better with a dose of chocolate. In this case I was totally right. I’m just going to pat myself on the back for a bit. Sit tight.

VeganYumYum’s recipe for graham crackers tweaked a little to make chocolate crack:

  • omit the cinnamon
  • double the vanilla to 2 tsp
  • reduce white flour to 3/4 cup
  • add 1/4 cup cocoa powder

Follow the rest of the recipe and rolling and such according to her directions. Take a quick nap while the dough is resting.


After baking and cooling the chocolate crack grab your best dark chocolate and melt in the microwave. Grab some slivered almonds as well.


Give your chocolate crack a dunk in the melty chocolate and place on a piece of waxed paper.


Grab your slivered almonds and place them evenly in file on top of the melted chocolate.


Get real fidgety and throw the rest of the almond slivers à la Jackson Pollock randomly on the rest of the chocolate crack.


Wait patiently for chocolate to set…or be really important (You gots stuff to do!) and stick in the freezer for a few minutes.

Eat and thank the devil for making you do it.

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I remember being pretty young and wanting to be a chef.  I would take a piece of boloney (who invented that crap anyways, really), roll it up into a cylinder, and ‘season’ it with a bunch of salt. Now keep in mind I was maybe only in the first grade at the time but that baloney roll up was my haute cuisine. I could not make anything else; and I had no food blogs to inspire me.

Thank goodness for VeganYumYum! Really. I think I made four or five of her recipes over the past couple of days.  Haha.  What I didn’t realize when I was making the first of her recipes is that one can get kind of get caught up in a VeganYumYum vortex of recipe making delicious delirium or VRMDD (short hand pronunciation: “vrrroom-ed”). You can’t just stop at one recipe. No. You need to make anything and everything that you have ingredients for. Once you have been VRMDD you can’t stop.

#1 Graham Crackers:

Whodathunk that you could make graham crackers so easily? And they’re fun to make too! Bonus!


The instructions she gives on making these wee little crackers of deliciousness are very well laid out so you have no excuse not to make them and subsequently slather them in peanut butter. Or almond butter. Or any kind of nut butter.


Verdict? A+

NEXT TIME!?! I’m totally going to make CHOCOLATE Graham Crackers and substitute some cocoa powder for some of the white flour!!! Can you tell how excited that prospect makes me?!?

Yes. I Am. Easily amused.

#2 Poolish Focaccia:

Now don’t be alarmed by the name. “Poolish” is not a communicable disease. It is only a term for the kind of starter used to make the bread.


Never made a yeast bread before? What are you waiting for? Store bought focaccia does not even come close to the fantasticness that is homemade bread. One whiff of this and all the neighborhood animals/kids/pool boys will be lining up outside your door for a taste.


Verdict? A+ fo’ sho’.

Changes? You all know I can’t make a recipe without tweaking it somehow. I used 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour in place of the white flour in the poolish. Because the poolish has so much time to hang out on your counter, it gives the whole wheat flour plenty of time to relax and soften up. Also consider using at the very maximum 1/4 cup of the Herb Oil. It’s plenty. At least in my opinion. But don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself!

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I can’t follow a recipe.

I mean I know how to measure stuff and preheat ovens and what not but I have never followed a recipe without first going all ‘Frankenstein’ on it.


I’ll try to make it ‘healthier’ by adding all sorts of different whole grains and flours or I’ll cut a bunch of the sugar out etc because I’m crazy.  Crazy about trying to find the Holy Grail recipe or meal that not only tastes fantastic but is healthy, simple to prepare, and easy on the wallet.

This leads us to my concoction last night where I started to fiddle with an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Not only did I remove the eggs and butter but I decided to add some dried blueberries and heck why not some pecans as well.


And you know what?  Sometimes my madness turns out pretty passable (in my own head at least).  As did these cookies. These cookies have nice crisp borders with chewy centers and a carmel pecan flavor.

I’m not quite done tweaking the recipe (and it won’t contain the dried blueberries because I want it to be something anyone can make without making a special trip to the store) but when it gets an A grade in my book I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Yoga Challenge Day 3:

I’ve really enjoyed doing a bit of yoga at night right before I go to sleep. The first night I practiced for an hour. I went a little crazy in the headstand pose, tipped too far backward and landed on my butt in a super awkward position. Whoopsiedaisy. I inadvertently ended up in a pose I’ve always wanted to try anyways: the King Pigeon Pose. So see? Everything happens for a reason. I totally planned that fall backwards.


Last night I was a little more tired so I just did a quick 20 minute routine that focused on hip openers.

I used to be a yoga DVD junkie. But lately I’ve really enjoyed doing my own thing and using Pandora as my background music (check out the ‘Calm Meditation’ station…it’s perfect for yoga and meditating).  It’s nice to go at your own pace and not have to worry about keeping up with the instructor.  I find that I am much more in tune with my breath.

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