So I’ve been looking for a way to use up the roasted red pepper hummus I made earlier in the week (no recipe because honestly it’s only like a B- on the flavor scale).  I set about searching one of my favorite blogs, Vegan YumYum, for inspiration.  She has a super yummy but simple hummus wrap on her site that I’ve drooled over in the past, the hasparat, as she calls it.


I started with a whole grain and flax seed wrap, spread 1/3 cup of my B- roasted red pepper hummus on top and used my vegetable peeler to top it with some carrot and red pepper shavings.  Last but not least I threw in some spinach for good measure…not the baby kind, the grown-up spinach kind, and finally plopped it down in a saute pan with a bigger pan on top of the whole thing to squish it all down.


Note the cute cucumber flowers and radish roses on the plate.  I used my knife skills a little while ago to make those little cuties as decoration for a sandwich plate at a partay. Trust me they are easier to make than you would think, and they were all anyone could talk about the whole party.  Apparently I need to quit my day job and go into vegetable carving full time.  It’s something I’m gonna have to think about.


And then this little monster wanted in on the picture taking, I couldn’t say no. The first shot turned out as they always do when I try to take pictures of her, blurry and blurrier.  That yellow and orange blur is her duck slash pillow.


So I convinced her to sit  her chocolate butt down so I could take a decent picture of her to introduce her to y’all and it turned out much better!


Aww so cute. If I could read her mind right now there would probably some thought along the lines of, “Uh I’m in the kitchen, you’re in the kitchen, the peanut butter jar is sitting right there, let’s work something out.” This dog lives for her peanut butter I tell you.